JOURNEY brings an audio experience that takes participants to renew their look over the city and the public space, at the same time that they rediscover themselves while walking through São Paulo.

Gustavo Vaz, São Paulo, Brazil

JOURNEY is an artistic experience in audio, free of charge for download by Internet, which now begins to be developed in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The project will enable participants to experience individual audio guided walks for about three hours, which will show new spaces, new routes and new looks for places already known of the largest city in South America, stimulating through event a perception of the public space from a more sensitive look and promoting the reencounter of the local resident with notions of belonging, citizenship and collectivity for long forgotten or even unknown to a large portion of people.

JOURNEY is a catalyst experience created for the participant to recognize the space and the other as a fundamental part of their own existence.

A possible alternative for personal rediscovery of local citizen as a social and political human being involves a necessary initial reconnection between him and the space that inhabits. Perceiving the current relational distance between the brazilian urban man and his city, JOURNEY proposes the creation of different audio-journeys , each starting from one of the subway or train stations in the capital city, bringing along with information of each route - as an explanation of the names of the streets and historical facts of the covered places - also the possibility that the participants are taken by the audio guide to know spaces and public places that contains in each of them a key part of subjective collective identity of São Paulo.

The audio should also cause reflections on the participants during the walk, stimulating critical thinking about the other that makes up the landscape surrounding, and about himself in his relation with others and with the space around them, through audio-dramaturgy tracks produced directly on some of the spaces that are visited, by strengthening the artistic and site specific character of the experience.

It was held in April 2015 a test journey and a teaser was produced to present some of the resulting idea.

We wish solidify JOURNEY as a project that will involve, over time, all subway and train stations in the city of São Paulo; that all journeys are always available in a free way for people on a site created to download the files; and that the content production is constant and uninterrupted.


Gustavo Vaz, São Paulo, Brazil

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