HUMANO! Public life survey

We always talk about pedestrians, streets and public spaces but we difficulty consider how people behave in urban areas, we always talk about sort of 'ideal models' of cities and interventions, but we forget to understand the real people´s necessities of places and activities. Our project aims to inform urban planners and designers to deliver sincere spacial answers to people´s needs.

Juan Herrera, Bogotá, Colombia

at HUMANO! we wanted to make a PLS (public life survey) prior to a project the government announced for the sector. In Colombia we are used to see how our public spaces are transformed from scratch when a politician comes up to do something there. This action generates breaks in the way human beings relate to space, ruptures that may even affect economic activity in the sector.
As a strategy to demonstrate that major projects to change a place are not always needed, we decided to develop our PSL methodology to identify the 'spirit of place', key actionable situations and what people want to happen there.
Our methodology is the first in the country that is made to measure urban life. After the survey period, with the proper result -which are available on the website- we request to schedule an appointment with the project leaders from the city government, we demostrate that the place does not need a -tabula rasa- intervention and the officials commit to intervene the area according to what we found.

With our research, we make city officials to efficiently execute the city money, we help avoid the generation of social ruptures in space, and finally bit not less important, we help put human beings at the center of transformation.
We are working on our next project in the city of Bogota.


Juan Herrera, Bogotá, Colombia

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