Green Cities is an on-line campaign to create awareness on green economy in Kenya's cities. Our goal is to have these cities with improved human well-being and social-equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.
We advance our readership with a monthly Green Cities newsletter so that we contribute to the urban carbon reduction campaign such as walk to work.

Benedict Muyale, Nairobi, Kenya

We focus on three areas: first creation of awareness on green concept for cities in Kenya; second contribute to research, write-ups and innovations needed to enable cities governments to better understand and manage current and future cities challenges. Last, we support environmental governance actions and activities – greening of cities programmes and developments in energy, transport, water, sanitation, air quality (pollution) and environmental policies.

We host monthly public lectures in Nairobi where we share issues on climate change and urban transport challenges. Through these forums we disseminate our research findings and advocate for eco-friendly actions towards reduced carbon emissions. Key to this is our blog on green cities that has a readership of 2,800. It is a commendable follower-ship according to WordPress report. Considering our setting in developing city within limit interests on green cities stories. This together with other social platforms enable us to campaign on green transport solutions for Nairobi city.

With resources, we will soon expand this to e-zine where readers get free newsletters on transport issues in Nairobi and Kenyan cities. This will run along with overview of companies in corporate responsibility towards green economy in Kenya. The companies will be requested to subscribe annually for their articles to feature in the e-zine. This small token or subscription fund generated from e-zine corporate membership will be pumped back into solar lighting in the streets as well as support demarcation and maintenance of non-motorised networks in Kenya's cities. Also through the e-zine will create awareness and actively push for low-carbon emissions projects to be at forefront of Kenya's companies investment plans.


Benedict Muyale, Nairobi, Kenya

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