Going for a Walk

An audio-verbatim walk, using the words of real people, to provide an experience of walking in someone else's shoes.

Deirdre Heddon, Glasgow, United Kingdom

What can we learn from disabled people’s experiences of walking? How might those experiences help us create more sustainable futures?

Working with 19 co-researchers drawn from the disabled and sustainability communities, we invited each participant to take a partner on a walk of their choice. The conversations they held whilst walking were recorded. This audio material – more than 25 hours in total – was then transcribed and edited into a play by Dee Heddon. The script, Going for a Walk, read by co-researchers and professional performers, has been recorded to create a 30 minute audio-play.

We invite you to listen to this audio play. We encourage you to download the audio track onto your mobile technology and to take it out for a walk. Listen out for performances of creativity, commitment, risk-taking, resilience and interdependency. Walk as if in someone else’s shoes.


Deirdre Heddon, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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