Several women gather from various NYC boroughs for an after dark convergence walk, searching out one another along the Underground Railroad and converge upon a cobbled road lain with spent oyster shells. Each woman is wearing a Biodegradable Garbage Bag Gown fitted with Biodegradable Balloons and Gloves.

Moira Williams, New York, United States

GLAMOURING is a nighttime convergence walk gathering at Plymouth Church, a stop along the Underground Railroad, a fugitive trail that tended to erase itself, making it unlikely for us to ever walk on it. The church is known for its prominent activity in helping slaves escape and gain their freedom and for Henry Ward Beecher’s mock auctions held during sermons, urging people to bid for the freedom of escaped slaves. Our walk specifically traces multiple routes to Underground Railroad “stops” (buildings) that are marked for demolition via the powers of eminent domain these are our points of convergence that lead us to Plymouth Church to stand with the oyster shells.

GLAMOURING is the first walk of a larger walking work (241528) Tubman examining Harriet Tubman’s invisible group “walks” along the Underground Railroad. Each walk is framed through an eco-feminist lens asking:
How do we walk in her spirit and the spirit of the Underground Railroad while stepping into the everyday structure of colonialist metaphors present in the brutalities of the landscape that are also carried into/onto female bodies?
How do we make these metaphors visible and open an accessible dialogue that questions how we relate to them?

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Moira Williams, New York, United States

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