Gdansk Zaspa Murals – Local Guides

Gdansk Zaspa Murals – Local Guides

Local Guides are the residents of Zaspa leading free of charge tours to the Monumental Painting Collection. The Collection is an integrated open air gallery consisting of 49 large format murals painted in the settlement of Zaspa in Gdansk. The collection integrates three related activities: Monumental Art Festival, Gdansk School of Mural and Local Guides.

Jarosław Orłowski, Gdańsk, Poland

The “Local Guides” project started in 2011. We're the residents of the settlement, the natural hosts welcoming anyone willing to see and walk the Collection. Together with our guests, around 4000 to date, we walked hundreds of kilometers, raising our heads to look at 35 meter high pieces painted in Zaspa since 1997. The tours are free of charge. We walk with street art fans, tourists visiting Gdansk, seniors living in the settlement, primary school kids and virtually anyone interested in in sightseeing off the beaten path. The tours are also a great opportunity to look at the history of Gdansk and Poland, through the lens of this 40 years old settlement, the home to Lech Walesa and his family in the 80's, the ground of a former Gdansk airport, the witness of change Poland has gone through the last 25 years.
Organiser: City Culture Institute

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