"To make the most walkable city, you must make it fun"
The project seeks to implement actions through the installation of devices in the street and make it fun when you walk.
Along the street you can find time to time video games in the pedestrian traffic light and also recycling machines of PET in which if you insert a plastic bottle, then you can have a video game and challenge.

Sebastian Rivera Ortiz, Manizales, Colombia

Video games on the power pole and pedestrian traffic lights: Installing touch-screens in which pedestrians will be able to have fun while walking and challenge their friends in a street game.
Also Pedestrian can see information about the city and tips that emphasize the Importance of walking in our everyday lives
PET recycling machines: Every few kilometres, machines that recycle plastic bottles will be located, and when you insert a bottle will have two minutes of a classic arcade game like PACMAN or PNGPONG. This will help the environment and it will transform the city.
Boards: located in different places of the street, pedestrians can write messages to others, draw pictures and also express what they want about the city. They may leave their contributions to make the city more liveable.

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Sebastian Rivera Ortiz, Manizales, Colombia

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