Editorial El Caminante

Editorial El Caminante is an editorial project that seeks to produce and provide consumable information in Spanish about cities: texts that go from essays, chronicles and short stories, to technical information and DIY manuals. Our aim is to inform, include and empower regular citizens (particularly in Latin America) to shape the community and environment they live in.

Ximena Ocampo Aguilar, Queretaro, Mexico

Editorial El Caminante is born as a response to two main issues. First is the lack of conversation and information available in Spanish about urban issues, such as our life in cities, and perspectives around urban life. And the second lies in poor dissemination of technical documents and manuals that might be produced in Spanish but are only consumed by experts of the field.

Editorial El Caminante is both a producer and a disseminator of this kind of information. Through different manuals available online (such as the #CalleEjemplar toolkit), it started empowering people to transform their own streets, to walk as a means of resistance and to reflect about the place they live in.
The editorial has opened a call for people of all kinds to write essays or short stories that speak about the symbolic value and power of walking, more as an act of resistance than as a merely physical act. Through this publication, the editorial opens up a conversation on the way we live our cities and invites people other than urbanists, architects and engineers to talk about the urban environment. The book will be presented during the Second Pedestrian Conference in Mexico, in May.

Lastly, a project called “Peatón” will bring a more dignified and “cool” perspective to the act of walking, through a series of postcards and artistic illustrations that reflect the reality of those who walk the streets, either by choice or by necessity.
Ideally, the editorial will direct these projects at the beginning, hoping that when it is time, and more people are involved, it can act as a medium for more people to tell their opinions and spread the knowledge about the places we inhabit.


Ximena Ocampo Aguilar, Queretaro, Mexico

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