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Changers motivates people to make sustainable mobility choices while reducing CO2 emissions. With the Changers app you can calculate your CO2 footprint on-the-go and earn ReCoins, the currency based on CO2 savings. Use ReCoins to offset your CO2 emissions by purchasing CO2 Certificates in the app. Improve your health and the health of the city. Make every day CO2 free!

Changers, Potsdam, Germany

Changers is the app that not only keeps you fit, but at the same time makes you active against climate change!

Why don't leave your car at home once in a while. Travel instead by foot, take your bike or public transport, and get rewarded. The app measures the distance travelled, calculates the CO2 saved, and rewards you with green bonus points, which we call ReCoins.

You can exchange your bonus points for CO2 Certificates in the app, thus making your trips by car or flights carbon neutral. Or you can use them at companies and retailers participating in the Changers CO2 Challenge.

- Tracks your mobility for the following transport types: Walking, Bike, Public Transport, Train, Car and Plane
- Calculates your CO2 savings and emissions
- Rewards you for your sustainable mobility with ReCoins
- Transfer your ReCoins via QR code to friends and partner companies
- Get badges and awards for your achievements
- Compare yourself, your city and your country with others around the world
- Join the company CO2 Challenge, cycle more instead of using the car and get amazing perks from your employer for doing so.
- Offset your car and plane trips and purchase CO2 compensations with your ReCoins. For 50 ReCoins you can offset 50 kg of CO2 emissions. This is the equivalent of a 350 km car ride. Changers purchases CO2 Certificates with the highest label “Gold Standard” to compensate your CO2 emissions. This label stands for ecological and social projects in developing countries that help reduce CO2 emissions.
- Make your actions visible for yourself and your friends and motivate them to cycle more too!

Changers motivates you to cycle more often. It keeps you fitter, healthier and happier. And normally you are even faster than with other modes of transport. Make a positive impact on the climate by saving CO2 in your everyday life. And, if your company is part of the CO2 Challenge, you will get valuable rewards for your ReCoins from your employer.

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Changers, Potsdam, Germany

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