Camina Monterrey 2040

'Camina Monterrey 2040' is a proposal for the transformation of several of Monterrey's metropolitan areas based on walkability criteria and various strategic foresight methodologies. It's main goal is to establish a sequence of planning strategies that will lead to the development of enough walkable urban places whereas Monterrey can be considered a leading walkable city in the year 2040.

Pablo Cotera Elizondo, Monterrey, Mexico

Existing planning tools that aim to control and define the excessive and disorderly growth of Monterrey’s metropolitan have generated more problems than solutions. Today the municipalities that make up this urban area are faced with the challenge of performing the necessary actions to open new development opportunities and transformations. This research has taken a basic concept of strategic foresight that consists in the prescription of a future at will to try to figure out what would be needed to reach it. A diverse group of experts familiar with the place and the fundamentals of this matter was consulted for this purpose.
The research sheds interesting results which clarify the variable elements that have the potential of generating an urban setting where pedestrian mobility can become dominant and consequently different aspects of urban life that raise the most important indicators for the quality of life will improve as will the economic health of the city. Using basic Strategic Foresight methodologies, the study identifies the range of services offered in the public space as the key to trigger the events leading a future scenario that enjoys the virtues of such a configuration. Furthermore, by making an initial analysis of the areas within the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey that have the greatest potential to become walkable urban spaces we find that there are many of them and that they can easily connect to each other; the city has therefore an enormous potential for transformation. It is suggested then to use the information generated with the implemented methodologies to initiate a strategic planning process aimed to define the lines of action that will lead to the objective.

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