When walking around in a city, people breath in a lot of harmful particulates. Awaer is a scarf that protects people from this particulates, by using an active carbon filter.

Futurized, Kortrijk, Belgium

There’s a lot of air pollution, especially in cities. When people walk around, they’re mostly not aware of harmful particulates, coming from, among other things, vehicle emissions. But this particles can cause difficulty in breathing, asthma, and a number of lung and heart diseases.
In Asia more people are conscious that this is a problem; in some cities people wear masks to protect themselves. But in European cities, people don’t wear such masks. This is partly because they’re not aware of the problem, though that’s gradually changing. Another reason is that existing masks aren’t fit to be worn every day. They look scary, aggressive, and they’re not comfortable.

That’s why we made Awear: it looks like a scarf, and is just as comfortable, but protects you against pollution.
Awear consists of three parts: an inner bandana, an outer scarf and a replaceable filter. The inner bandana fits around your face. It contains the replaceable filter. The filter works with active carbon to separate the toxic particulates from the air.


Futurized, Kortrijk, Belgium

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