Andar La Ciudad

Cali is one of four majors cities in Colombia, despite having a fabulous weather and plenty of public space, pedestrians do not have the space neither the safety to enjoy the city. This is why "Andar La Ciudad" was born, our goal is to walk the streets at strategic locations or critical accident sites recognizing the streets and appropriating the citizens of their public space.

Kathy Osorio, Cali, Colombia

Andar La Ciudad, has toured the city centre, as well depressed areas and strategic roads where the local government plans to make some investment and which has not been taken into account pedestrians. This project works together with the Observatory Of Cyclist and Pedestrian , here we have statistics of accidents, robberies and deaths of pedestrians and urban cyclists in order to have an exact number of casualties in the city. On May we plan to do for the first time, tactical urbanism in a park where foreign investors are planning to build a mall.


Kathy Osorio, Cali, Colombia

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