“Accessible?” is an app providing valid, in-depth information with pictures about a route’s, a trail’s, a place’s or a venue’s accessibility. People with disabilities yearn for the independence to walk, stroll, wheel, travel, have fun and enjoy leisure time - just like anybody else!

Nadine Bdil, Eilat, Israel

Walking, for people with disabilities – the largest minority on earth – is not always simple: places they can’t enter, obstacles on the way, unclear signage, lack of seating options, events they can’t participate in, and content they can’t understand. Worst is being told that “it will be fine” and getting stuck.
Nowadays, in the midst of the information revolution this mustn’t be the case. For that reason, we have created the accessibility information platform “Accessible?” – an app where a place can be searched by: name, location, category, distance, or activity. The search results in a map or list, with ratings according to the user’s predetermined accessibility profile and featuring only relevant information with pictures. Places listed as favorites receive real-time updates.
The app integrates beacon systems to guide people who are blind, or people with orientation difficulties, to safely find their way.
The app will be the first universal, multi-lingual, trans-border tool, also accessible in terms of UI/UX, and covering the broad spectrum of accessibility-users: parents with strollers and young children, people with disabilities, and elderly people.
Every place, trail or event – public or private - can submit information about its accessibility with our app. The more places that register, the more options there are for more people! Providing accessibility information is a small effort that has an enormous effect on society, business, and individuals.
It’s simple! And it's life-changing for about 65% of leisure-time consumers who need accessibility information and are precisely the people who have time to go out for a walk or stroll and enjoy their free time. Unless they feel confident about leaving their house they will refrain from doing so. In order to avoid isolation and related health issues, depression and social exclusion, going out for a walk, or meeting friends, is the best remedy with important social and economic benefits. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for people with limitations to know whether a city's trail, parks, or walkways can accommodate their needs.
Information about accessibility is crucial for whether or not a person with accessibility needs will dare to go out for a walk. It allows people to make informed decisions. That's why the "Accessible?" app will have a huge social impact on the empowerment, inclusion and independence of millions of accessibility-users.

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